Teaching English to refugees in English-speaking countries may seem like a small thing, but it is essential to allow them to change their lives, and Gallery Teachers has always been sensitive to humanitarian issues. 

Photo: Photo by Ahmed akacha from Pexels

Even if there are wars everywhere and each of these produces refugees seeking asylum, these days the eyes of the World are focused on Afghanistan, from which a process of displacement has already begun and it will surely continue in a massive way in the coming months.

Teaching English to refugees fleeing war requires very special skills. First of all, a good teacher must show respect for their culture and help them feel comfortable in this new situation.

The teacher is often the intermediary between the student and the institutions and is asked to do more than just his job. He has to understand if his students are doing well and be aware and intervene to sort out unforeseen problems that the students don’t openly discuss.

A good English teacher should have the attitude of a linguistic mediator, he should be a confidant, rather than an academic, and help his students to overcome especially the initial problems, due to the shock of a different culture.

Another point to consider is that the level of English varies a lot, spreading from adults who don’t speak a single word, to University students studying to get their IELTS.

Working with large numbers of refugees and monitoring the well-being of all of them is often left to charities and Gallery Teachers is very happy to support them through its services.

Charities that want to train their volunteers to teach English to refugees

If you represent a charity that wants to train its volunteers to teach English to refugees and migrants, Gallery Teachers is ready to sponsor a TEFL / TESOL course for all of your volunteers.

Our TEFL courses are internationally recognized and supported by institutions such as Ofqual and Telc.

In order to access our sponsored courses, available to all the volunteers working with humanitarian charities, please fill out this form and one of our representatives will assist you to enroll.

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Charities that want to offer an English course to refugees

Gallery Teachers is a network of schools and TEFL / TESOL professionals. KKCL English is one of our members. It is a London based school with many years of experience teaching English to refugees and working with charities. The staff at KKCL English has made itself available for English courses to refugees from Afghanistan at a very friendly price.

If you are a charity and want to offer an English course to the refugees you are taking care of, you can contact KKCL English with confidence, both for face-to-face and for online courses.

English schools that want to work with refugees

If you are an English school interested in working with refugees, putting at disposal your facilities and services for humanitarian purposes, please contact us and we will do our best to promote you on our channels and start new partnerships together.

Please contact us at [email protected].