In this video, you’ll find words and phrases about paying for things your English students might be familiar with, but might not actually have thought about before.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again!

The word “fridge” just sounds weird if you say it too many times.

Sorry. Not that.

What I keep saying is “You can’t just learn ‘all the English vocabulary’ – there’s too much and you need a strategy.”

And what I mean by that is that, outside very common words and phrases, much of English lexis tends to fall into clusters.

And these clusters tend to revolve around certain topics and functions.

For example, the phrase “harmless escapism” is more likely to turn up in a conversation about holiday reading than it is about heart surgery.

And you’re more likely to use the compound noun “hiking boots” while talking about things to do in the mountains than you are about bank transfers (unless a nice pair of Timberlands have unexpectedly popped up on your receipt).

And, speaking of bank transfers and receipts, paying for things is one of those topics.

In this video, I cover all sorts of words and phrases our learners will need to pay for things in English. The sorts of words and phrases whose function they’ll certainly be familiar with, but that they might not actually have thought about in English before.