TEFL Certificate Core Modules

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FREE Beta Evaluation Code (to be used at checkout): TEFL2020EVA

Help us to evaluate Gallery Teachers TEFL Course by becoming a Beta Evaluator

We are looking for GT members, EFL trainers, EFL teachers and English language schools to assist us in the beta evaluation of the TEFL course. We are limiting the number of Beta Evaluators to 150 people.

This is a great way to refresh your TEFL knowledge while getting involved in the production of an online course, not to mention some of the fantastic prizes we have prepared for our Beta Evaluators.

What is Beta Testing?

Beta Testing is great in helping the course developer to find bugs and usability issues before a full public release. While internal testing can uncover many problems, nothing can truly simulate real users trying to complete real tasks and going through the course using their own devices. You will be expecting errors and problems while going through the course. 

What are we looking for?

We very much appreciate your help in making the course better by going through the course and informing us about any errors or imperfections such as:

  • Spelling mistakes or inconsistency
  • System and functionality errors
  • Level of difficulty and suitability of tasks

Who can be a Beta Evaluator?

Anyone with an EFL background could join our beta testing. Beta Testing period will run from 15th Sept 2020 to 15th Oct 2020. After the testing period all progress from the course will be removed. Please note that no end of course certificate will be issued to the Beta Evaluators.

What are the benefits?

All beta evaluators will enjoy the following benefits and gifts:

  • £25 Amazon Voucher to spend at your pleasure  (on completion of the course)
  • 1 year (a dozen) of free job posting on galleryteachers.com – worth £199 (on completion of Module 1, limited to first 100 entries)
  • 1 year of free featured listing on EFL Directoryworth £149 (on completion of Module 5, must be redeemed before 30th Nov 2020)
  • Chance to win £500 cash prize in our TEFL course launch special giveaway raffle (on completion of Module 3)
  • Chance to win a Pedibal Navigata CitE Folding Electric Bike in Gallery Teachers giveaway raffle– worth £999 (on completion of Module 9)
  • Get a coupon code to take the GT TEFL certification course with 75% discount should you wish to obtain the TEFL course certificate after beta testing – worth £262.49 (coupon code must be used between 1st Nov 2020 to 31st Dec 2020)
  • Chance to win the Gallery Teachers annual cash giveaway prize of €2000 (on completion of Module 7)
  • Receive a total of 5,300 membership points, with 2000 at course start and 300 on completion of each feedback form

How does the Beta Testing work?

All you need to do is to progress through the course. Every couple of modules, there will be a feedback form which you will need to complete. After completing the feedback form, you will receive a corresponding gift from Gallery Teachers as per above. If you are stuck, you can also use the GT TEFL Forum for bug reporting.


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Teaching Listening Skills


Teaching Speaking Skills


Teaching Writing Skills


Teaching Grammar


Teaching Lexis


Teaching Pronunciation


Lesson Planning


Classroom Management