13 Apr 2018–14 Apr 2018

Gallery Teachers is represented at this fantastic educational conference by Janice Cheung.

The ST Alphe Secondary Focus takes place at the Park Plaza at Westminster Bridge in London. The conference covers evolving and important areas like educational technology and teaching skills, pedagogical development, leadership, safety, educational loans, financial services and research in education. These conferences are an excellent opportunity for English Language Teaching professionals to enrich their understanding and influence around the industry, forming valuable connections and long-term business partnerships, as well as personal affiliations.

The role of these conferences, meticulously organised by StudyTravel Ltd, is to develop a solid network of ELT industry leaders and visionaries, spreading the goals and messages of English Language Teaching and learning as the sector develops and flourishes.

Park Plaza Riverside Hotel

The conference is comprised annually of both market leaders and emerging English Language Teaching representatives, providing representatives the opportunity of sharing experiences and insights based on their own English Language industry histories.

The conference is known as an excellent forum for professional exchange by the English Language Teaching and Culture industry, as it leads the way in size, location and participant outreach. The Study Travel Alphe UK has been highly regarded as an ELT initiative, bringing innovation, creativity and fresh perspective into what can sometimes feel like an endless forest of industry practices and guidelines.

The individual participants at the conference offer their exciting visions for the future of ELT, including new directions for child and junior educational development, the role of music and acting in language learning and exchange, and the importance of individual character development and enrichment in language learning.