07 Apr 2022 | 16:00 (UK Time)


Any teacher could be asked to switch from Junior classes and Adult classes, maybe just because that is how the schedule runs or in order to cover a colleague’s class. This Masterclass will look at both types of learners and how we as teachers can ensure we have the right mindset to approach both, and to analyse the tools we need to switch from one to the other.

We will examine the effects on the teacher and the class if we slip into the wrong mindset and the huge benefits we can have in the classroom, of getting it right.

By using the tools that we will examine in this Masterclass, we can make sure we get it right every time, creating the best learning environment for our students as well as building rapport and trust to ensure concrete steps are made.

Presented by Suzanne Brown – Teacher Trainer & Managing Director @BLISS.

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