01 Jul 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


You’ve taught the language and now it’s time for your students to practise. Photocopying a gap fill task is quick, convenient and easy. I’ve done it. I’ve seen colleagues do it. There are times I still do it! However, it’s likely we are all aware that a gap fill is not the most interesting, challenging or interactive method we could use!

This session will introduce you to other ways of providing your students with meaningful and effective language practice beyond the limitations of the gap fill. We will identify what a gap fill sheet can do that is useful for students and then look at what it doesn’t do.

Once we understand the aims of a practice task, we can work towards ways of convincingly meeting them. The rest of the session will give you alternative suggestions and activities that you can select, adapt or create as needed for your own EFL lessons, whether teaching in a face to face or online environment.

Presented by Susie BridgesCELTA Trainer & Former Academic Manager @British Council.

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