17 Apr 2018

With Samira Majjadi Ep Akrouti.

Communicative Tasks and CPD Strategies workshop at Africa Hotel Tunis.

A memorable day with very special friends, colleagues and ELT inspectors (Mr Slah Yaakoubi, Mr Mehrez Aounallah and Mr Rachid Najar) who came from different regions to participate in this GT event.

Thank you all for their attendance, encouragement and support. Many special thanks also go to Mr Giovanni Rottura and Mr Steve Hirschhorn for helping me in organising this workshop. A Big thank you to GT Tunis team Nouha Damak Masmoudi, Dalel Bourayou and Sonia Fathalli for their proper coordination, great efforts and ultimate support.


After the workshop: going on a trip around the northern suberbia: Carthage ruins and Sidi Bousaid village.