27 Jan 2022 | 16:00 (UK Time)


This is the second of two workshops dealing with error. Making mistakes is a natural part of the process when learning something new, but if left unchecked, errors can continually reoccur and may eventually fossilize.

If students don’t even know they are making mistakes, they aren’t really being offered enough opportunities to learn, improve and fully develop their language abilities or their written communication skills. Therefore, it’s really important that teachers pay proper attention to error: both oral and written.

This is the second error correction workshop in which we will help you think about the best ways to correct mistakes made in students’ writing. We’ll talk about the common correction codes you need to teach your learners, some writing criteria / marking schemes and how best to identify which mistakes to pick up on and which to ignore.

Presented by Susie BridgesCELTA Trainer Former Academic Manager @British Council.

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