18 Mar 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


In this series of workshops, we will be discussing different ways of selecting and adapting coursebook materials and looking at some effective activities to supplement your classes.

In the first session, we will be looking at some advantages and disadvantages of using coursebooks in your lessons, criteria for selecting coursebook materials, and the ways of making them more interesting and relevant to your learners and your context of teaching. You will be introduced to three simple steps of adapting materials and see how a simple gap-fill exercise can be transformed into a personalized communicative activity. We will also experiment with some online tools that you can use to make the coursebook activities more interactive.

In the second session, we will look at different materials that require zero or very little preparation from the teacher and discuss how to use them in online and offline classrooms. We will focus on some vocabulary, grammar and speaking activities that can be used at different stages of your lessons and help you to bring more energy into your classes and vary the pace of the lesson.

These workshops will be useful for those who are making their first steps in a teaching career and for more experienced teachers. Through revisiting the ways of working with coursebooks, and sharing experiences with your colleagues, you will get a boost of creativity, a different view on using your coursebook, and will always have a set of helpful activities off your sleeve.

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