16 Feb 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


Eliciting is a range of techniques which can be used by teachers to get information from learners. We can elicit pretty much anything in the classroom. In this workshop, Rachel will demonstrate how teachers can elicit vocabulary items, ideas and much more from their learners. 

By demonstrating eliciting techniques and providing practical ideas, Rachel is going to highlight how eliciting will keep your learners engaged and motivated. She also aims to demonstrate how the use of elicitation techniques will encourage a learner-centred classroom environment.

Rachel will begin by explaining what eliciting is and will discuss when it can be used in lessons.

She will then look at how we can elicit information from pictures, mime and more. She will also look at how eliciting techniques can be used in grammar lessons.

Finally, Rachel will discuss some fun activities that you can incorporate into your lessons.

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