Sousse, Tunisia
04 Dec 2016
Gallery Teachers is coming to Sousse! 
 Join our Gallery Teachers teaching methodology workshop to breathe fresh life into the traditional method and have the opportunity to speak to our experts!

Session synopsis:

Teachers often feel they can have no impact in the space of two, three or even four months -without seeing the profound change this can have on a learner. This is a session on tried and trusted techniques and communicative practices for the language classroom to get around the essential dichotomy of unwilling participants and the fact that everyone learns, and teaches, in different ways. We are often slung in the direction of buzzwords and fads and rarely seem to engage with the reality that most people would rather eat their own nail-clippings than go to a class…any class, at any age. This workshop will be a holistic approach to getting the best from all elements of a language course and ensuring that students and teachers progress and enjoy it. It will be interactive, there will be workshop elements and learning and doing…there will be NO communal singing or anybody forced to do star jumps.

There will be shouting, throwing things and probably some sweeties involved somewhere.

Main points to be covered:

  • Teaching multilingual/multidisciplinary classes of varied ages
  • Classroom control
  • Poetry…literature at any level
  • Technology as friend not foe
  • Swiss Army knife lessons – ensuring you have backup plans up your sleeve
  • Limited time versus long-term gain?
  • Lighting the spark of language learning toward the dynamite of knowledge
  • Personal development?
  • A selection of communicative teaching exercises that will work at all levels
  • Motivating the terminally not bothered

For more information please contact our Gallery Teachers Office in Sousse.

Limited seats available – register NOW!

Looking forward to meeting you in Sousse!

Programme Schedule

Date: Sunday, 4th December 2016 

Location: Orient Palace Hotel Conference Room

09.30: Welcome Speech

10.00: Teacher Training 1st Session

12.00: Question Time

12.30: Lunch

14.00: Teacher Training 2nd Session

15:30: Break

16:00: Gallery Teachers presentation

17:00: Question Time

17:45: Break

18:00: Sousse Panoramic Guided Tour

20:00: Gala Dinner

The Presenter: Thomas Jones


Thomas Jones has been an activity leader, teacher, DoS, and centre manager in summer schools and a teacher, trainer, DoS and principal in year round schools in France, Greece, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Australia, the USA, UK and Mexico. He was part of the senior executives for the summer school operation at Embassy CES before becoming Director of Operations USA for Studygroup. He returned to the UK six years ago to work with Trinity College London and now works with a variety of organisations, including a summer programme for SBC and he runs his own company: Brock Solutions Agency. He has presented around the world but most recently at NAFSA, MEXTESOL, NEAS and closer to home at IATEFL, English UK events and schools and universities around the UK. He is also a freelance trainer in business and management. He is a consultant for TELC and a trainer for Gallery Teachers.

He is rubbish at maths and has only a very limited grasp of even basic scientific principles. His mother thinks he is great.