London, United Kingdom
25 May 2017

Would you like to be our reporter?!

Get on board with EFL Magazine and Gallery Teachers to springboard your journalism career.

To be part of the project you need:

  • To be a state or private secondary school
  • To have dedicated English language teachers
  • To sign up below completed by the Director/Principal and to complete the application formthat’s sent to you

Once confirmed you will:

  • Be introduced to all other schools already part of “GT Reporter”
  • Receive a certificate to attest that you are fully engaged in the project
  • Receive a welcome pack from our main office in London and
  • Receive vouchers to help you with fantastic discounts to organise a study abroad program. English courses in your school, drama projects and much more!!!

This project is completely FREE!

Sign up now www.eflmagazine.com/gallery-teachers-reporter