17 Aug 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


We all learnt to teach through coursebooks and other materials. It was how many of us really grasped the grammar points or learnt about connected speech and so much more.

But sometimes (we know we were guilty of it early on) we fall into the trap of moving from one activity to the next “covering” material without actually discussing the learning.

In this workshop, we will make the case for involving our learners in the discussion of their learning, involving them in the “why” of the lesson as opposed to just the “what”. We will suggest some key stages of the lesson and some practical activities you can put into practice immediately to make your lessons more overt.

Presented by David ByrneAuthor, Curriculum Manager and Regional Academic Director @EC English and Mark HeffernanAuthor & Teaching Fellow @Queen Mary University of London.

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