22 Jan 2021 | 14:00 GMT
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Masterclass Series

Planning and Delivering a Masterclass Series Workshop

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With this workshop we will go through the necessary steps to start presenting workshops with Gallery Teachers, as well as the essential information including format and expectations about GT Masterclass Series Workshops. 

We will provide a step by step guide to installing and using RingCentral – our preferred online meeting platform. As this workshop is designed for experienced trainers, we will mainly focus on the difference of an online workshop and some tips on keeping your audience engaged in a virtual environment.

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22nd Feb 2021 | 14:00 GMT

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This workshop is divided into two parts:

  • pre-recorded session
  • live session

Pre-recorded Session

The pre-recorded session with the aim to present and clarify the main points of the workshop, takes approximately 30-45 minutes. This part is accompanied with reflective questions for you to consider before the live session. You will be given the opportunity to ask your questions on the discussion forum before, while and after the presentation. 

You have the opportunity to leave any questions you have in the forum discussion thread created for the workshop. The workshop presenter will try to address these questions in the live session.

After the workshop, the forum discussion will then take on a life of its own, and teachers from around the world will be encouraged to post their experiences, reflections and questions related to the topic of the webinar. So, if you feel strongly about the topic, you will have the opportunity to continue your discussion beyond the scheduled workshop, by sharing your ideas with like-minded teachers and teacher trainers from around the world.

Live Session

We strongly recommend you to watch the recorded session prior to attending the live session. This is because the live session is designed to be an interactive follow up to the pre-recorded session, which provides the bulk of knowledge delivery. However, if this is not possible, both sessions will be recorded and made available to watch at a later date.

After you have watched the recorded session, you are invited to join the live session and take part in the follow-up discussion about the content of the presentation. The ensuing discussion will consist of two parts: 

  • reflecting on the presentation through the reflective questions shared with you before you watched the webinar;
  • the presenter’s answering the questions posted to the forum before, while and after the webinar.

The live session will be an opportunity for you to share experiences with the presenter and other attendees. 



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