11 Feb 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


This workshop introduces you to frameworks for teaching successful speaking and writing lessons.  We look at when and why students get to speak in a typical receptive skills or language lesson and therefore why it’s difficult for them to meet specific assessment criteria if doing a speaking exam.  It gives an overview of the basic writing sub-skills and how to help learners at both higher and lower levels.

The workshop also lists reasons why students find developing productive skills really challenging and offers some practical ways that the teacher can organise/plan a lesson to help.

The suggested frameworks included can work as stand-alone lessons, where the focus is solely on the specific speaking or writing skill, or as part of a longer, integrated skills class after students have worked with a text or some target language.  Finally, there are some practical ideas of successful ways to teach both speaking and writing lessons whether you’re teaching online or face-to-face in classrooms.

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