09 Dec 2022 | 16:00 UK Time


Pronunciation is one of those aspects of teaching that many teachers struggle with. There’s a lot of technical knowledge to get your head around and many of our learners see it as a key aspect of ‘mastering’ a language, even if they often don’t seem to make that much ‘progress’ with it.

A bigger issue at play is that for many teachers, pronunciation can lead to a sense of imposter syndrome. Many teachers say that they lack the confidence to tackle pronunciation in their teaching, and this is only heightened if you add in the ‘non-native vs. native’ debate.

In this practical workshop, I will break down what exactly pronunciation is and why every teacher can become an expert in teaching it. I’ll show you some of the tips and tricks that I’ve got in my pronunciation toolkit, focusing on sounds, intonation, and stress. We’ll then explore why pronunciation is an integral part of developing our learners’ listening skills. At the end, I’ll help you set your own pronunciation targets for your learners in their context.

Presented by Ben Crompton ELT Trainer & Director of Studies @SeaHaven Centros de Inglés

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