24 Aug 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


How often do you truly support your students with their reading and writing? Be honest…(very honest!)… in your classroom, do readings ever happen without much exploration? And do writings ever feel like a way of just mopping up all that language you’ve been teaching? If you’re thinking yes, you’re not alone! Perhaps this happens because reading and writing are not as interactive as the other skills, and sometimes as teachers we don’t get stuck into the process with our students as much as we should. And unfortunately, leaving students to their own devices can cause a disconnect between how they read and write a text.

Let me ask you some more questions… let’s get stuck in! How aware are your students of different texts and the strategies they employ when reading or writing them? How can your students predict the information in a text before reading thoroughly?

How can they produce the relevant features of texts more confidently? How can your students become more active readers and how can they use their reading strategies to write more competently for their intended reader?

If I’ve got you wondering, sign up for this workshop where I will be exploring these questions, suggesting some basic frameworks and sharing some tips for teaching the two skills in conjunction. I’m not reinventing the wheel (!) but I’ll be offering my perspective on bridging the gap between the two skills.

Presented by Erin VickermanTeacher Trainer & ESOL Lecturer/Specialist.

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