20 Jul 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


In the first session, the importance of roleplay, we will have an overview of what students and teachers can gain from roleplay activities in the classroom, looking in particular at roleplay as a part of Task-Based Learning and as a student-centred activity. We will also be looking at roleplay in relation to consolidating knowledge and usage of grammar

 I’ll be talking about how roleplays can be done online, and also talking about the importance of drama-based activities in relation to motivation, keeping students engaged, exploring empathy and the relevance of using roleplay to explore students’ feelings towards current affairs and hot topics in the news.

If it is not too boiling in Naples, I may also wear my glam rock fake fur coat to show that teaching roleplay online can also involve a costume change…oh and you may meet my pet cat Kenneth Branagh…he’s never too far away from my lap when I’m working online. 

Presented by Chris BartlettDirector of Studies @British School Group Napoli.

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