21 Sep 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


In this masterclass, we will start off by taking a look at the foundational theories behind constructivism.  We will discover how schema and prior knowledge are constructed. We will discover the complexity of the mind and possible issues and misinformation that can be part of our schema. We will take a look at how worldview, mindset, and fast and slow thinking affect our schema.

Next, we will discover how advance organisers can help us engage students, activate prior knowledge, adjust misinformation, and be used to introduce driving questions.  We will take a look at different types of advance organizers and how to use them with different levels of students and subjects.

Finally, we will look at some techniques that help us build upon prior knowledge and promote strong schema.  We will discover ways of revisiting prior knowledge and developing it by increasing content, thematic, or language complexity.

Presented by Jennifer SchmidtCLIL Teacher Trainer, Specialist in Bilingual Education & Erasmus+ Trainer.

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