09 Sep 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


Do you dread teaching beginners? Do you feel more comfortable with intermediate level learners and above? If so, you’re not alone! Teaching lower level learners can seem daunting at first: what if they don’t understand a word of what I’m saying? What if they can’t say anything? This session is not about ‘what if’s…’, it is about ‘how’.

Together, we will look at how to set up tasks for low and higher level learners, how we can grade our language up or down, how we can work towards developing fluency even with beginner-level learners, and how we can use functional language to teach higher-level language to lower-level learners.

We will also discuss the role of authentic materials for low and higher level learners and finally, we will focus on correction and language upgrading techniques, and we will talk about how they can be adapted to different level learners.

This workshop will offer practical ideas and classroom activities that can be used in the low and higher level classrooms. We will refer to both face to face and online teaching.

Presented by Sophie CocaultCELTA/CELT-P/CELT-S Trainer, EAL & ESOL Specialist.

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