30 Nov 2021 | 16:00 (UK Time)


How can we help our ESOL learners improve their spelling?

Spelling can be straightforward for some students, but others struggle and need help with it. As teachers, we often feel unprepared to support our ESOL learners with spelling, and sometimes we are not even that confident with our own spelling!

However, unresolved spelling difficulties can affect learners’ confidence and even hinder their language learning experience as a whole.

This workshop will look at aspects of English spelling that can be tricky for students, the relationship between reading and spelling, as well as strategies used by good spellers. We will discuss how spelling works in English and whether or not it is regular. Finally, we will take a look at practical activities we can use in the classroom to help our students improve their spelling.

Presented by Sophie CocaultCELTA/ CELT-P/ CELT-S Trainer, EAL & ESOL Specialist.

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