05 Aug 2020

The Programme

Welcome and opening of the event | Speaker: Thomas Jones

    1st Teacher Trainer: Rob Howard
    2nd Teacher Trainer: Ania Kolbuszewska

Workshop Details

As the world gets smaller and international communication becomes the norm, Interculturalism, or cross-cultural dialogues, whether in the workplace or in life, have made a simple conversation more complex. Competency in intercultural communication amongst international companies, groups and organizations has become increasingly challenging as more and more diverse teams form and conversations become global.

This series will look at many different aspects of interculturality, help enlighten educators to the unseen problems and pitfalls and offer tangible meaningful tasks and resources to help close the communication gap between cultures.

This first talk, by example, will look at some of the basic misunderstandings that have taken place within different groups of trained, expert educators, native and non-native alike, due to our own varying cultural backgrounds and offer up better methods to avoid potentially serious errors or miscommunications through examination of our own cultural styles and voicing.

Trainer Profiles

Ania Kolbuszewsk
Ania Kolbuszewsk has been involved in language teaching and training for around 30 years, training language teachers, trainers and managers as well as providing business and academic consultancy for a range of language teaching operations and mainstream educational institutions internationally. She is a mediator and has also worked as a communications and conflict management consultant in corporate context. A former Eaquals Board member and Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy Services, she now continues to work as an inspector for Eaquals. She is the author of the “Eaquals Self-help Guide to Teacher Development”. Together with her husband Andrzej StÄ™sik she has also written Use of English materials. Ania is a founder member of IATEFL Poland and a member of Leadership and Management SIG of IATEFL. She has spoken extensively on teaching, training and ELT management at international conferences.

Rob Howard
Rob is online training teachers to build their own freelance businesses as well as teaching Business English. He is Joint Coordinator for the IATEFL BESIG Web and Online Team, Online and Video Coordinator for the Visual Arts Circle and has authored and co-authored several books for EFL as well as co-founder of the Independent Authors & Publishers. He is a speaker worldwide on Continuing Professional Development, Business Development and Image Presentation and the founder of EFLtalks, a finalist for the 2016 British Council’s ELTon Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources.