29 Jun 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines confidence as “the feeling that you can trust, believe in and be sure about the abilities or good qualities of somebody/something”.

Feeling confident can make or break any situation, and teaching in the classroom is no different. We will take a look into what knocks teacher confidence, how we can build and grow our confidence in the classroom and ultimately the effect that has on our teaching.

By busting virtual and physical classroom curveballs, for new and more experienced teachers alike, we will walk through confidence building strategies to ensure self growth and better results for our students.

Globally, we have all been pushed out of our comfort zones and we have been put into a new normal. For some that is no problem, for others our confidence has been rocked. This session will explore how to boost confidence as a teacher and will give us the opportunity to come together to talk about teacher confidence and its role in the classroom.

Presented by Suzanne BrownTeacher trainer & Managing Director @Brownlee Language International Summer School (BLISS).

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