07 Sep 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


I have been training for over 20 years and this is one of the most popular sessions I deliver. I am excited to get to share it with more people and for you to be able to add some more exciting ideas to your own teaching repertoire. Rods can be a revelation – an amazing resource that can illustrate so much more than just sentence structure. Make your modelling clearer and more interactive, provide stress-free opportunities for guided practice and have fun using these simple tools to bring the classroom to life. Everything covered is fully transferable to the teaching of any language, not just ESOL.

So the question is, not what will we cover, but what won’t we?! In the first session we will see how rods can be used for, among other things: breaking the ice; describing places; comparing things – colour, size; assessing level, with examples for IELTS; working on error; helping with grammar – patterns, modality, question formation; telling the time and talking about habits, past events, future plans; functional English practice – requests, deductions; exam practice First Certificate and IELTS suggestions for writing and speaking.

Using rods is like learning to ride a bike, you may wobble a few times and start with stabilisers, but once you have had a few goes you’ll be off. If you’re in a school, go in the resources cupboard, find those weird coloured sticks and dust off the box and then guard them jealousy, you won’t want to share! And if you do find a box, great, bring them to the webinar, if not, don’t worry a box of coloured pens or pencils will do and/or some lego!

This webinar is underpinned with a tiny bit of theory, but basically brims with practical tips. I  really can’t wait to convert you to the power of rods!

Presented by Anna CucciaCELTA & DELTA Trainer School Governor @United Learning Trust.

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