04 Nov 2021 | 16:00 (UK Time)


How often, after working with students on an aspect of pronunciation, did you feel exasperated and would complain to your fellow teachers “They just can’t hear the difference!”?

To make things even harder, teachers whose first language is not English often shy away from teaching pronunciation, because they claim they are not good models. Yet pronunciation teaching does not have to be based on you, the teacher, modelling correct pronunciation at sound, word or sentence level yourself.

In this practical workshop, I will talk about why pronunciation is as important as grammar or vocabulary and how to ensure that it becomes an integral part of teaching a foreign language. We will examine practical techniques which allow us to shift the focus of pronunciation teaching from one based on auditory stimuli to visual stimuli, and which enable us to move away from the teacher modelling good pronunciation.

Presented by Ania KolbuszewskaTeacher Trainer, Mediator & Former Eaquals Board Member.

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