London, Harrow
28 Apr 2018

At the end of the work experience programme, we finish with a presentation of students’ research findings from Camden Town. The presentation will be graded by critics that have expertise in the subject on which the students are doing their presentation.


Here are some of the topics from the presentation “Camden Town” :

– Amy Winehouse in Camden

– Camden in London

– Camden for tourists

– The history of Camden Town

– General knowledge and impressions of Camden

– Potential investment in Camden Town (economic prospects)

After the excursion to Camden Town, all of the ideas from the trip are put into practice – students will write a report and prepare a presentation using the skills that have been taught to them over the past week, in preparation for their final presentation to their classmates and teachers.

At the end, they will submit the report online for others to read. At the end of the work experience programme, the students are awarded an official certificate for their efforts and attainment in the research conducted for their presentation.

The whole idea behind the work experience programme is that we want to help students to prepare for their future job. To this end, students learn how to correctly find the right information on the internet and which websites to use, or indeed not use.  When allowing them to do their own research presentation, the most important thing is knowing how to present the findings – major corporations have very high expectations where research is conducted by employees !

This will conclude the end of the Work Experience programme at KKCL !