London, Harrow
24 Apr 2018–30 Apr 2018


Over the course of this work experience programme, you will work on a project of your choice and present the results in spoken and written English. Our KKCL teachers will teach you all you need to accomplish this task. This will help you learn how to cooperate with other students and teach you crucial skills for your future career.

In the modern workplace, these skills are essential to getting and keeping a good job!

Step 1

We start by teaching you about surveys, during which you will learn how a survey works and  how to analyse survey data. When conducting research, there is always an element of sharing and reporting your work. After you have analysed the data you will get ready to give a short presentation on your findings to your teacher and your classmates. What a great way to get used to public speaking in English and prepare your voice and body language to look and sound like a professional! Another important aspect of work experience research is knowing where to find good, reliable information for articles and presentations, and knowing how to read efficiently when you do so…

In this lesson, you will learn techniques that will help you to make reading difficult texts a bit easier. In addition, you will learn how to select websites to use in your projects and the basics of citation, in order for you to reference properly. After all, if you don’t reference properly, you could fail or – worse – get thrown out of university for cheating!

Step 2

The next part of the programme gets really interesting…

What better way to research London than by actually being in London? Having learnt your new skills, you and your group will choose a research topic and dedicate some time to looking in depth at various aspects of this research. Whether you want to know more about the Royal Family, which  sports Londoners enjoy or how to organise a trip to London on a budget, the choice is yours to make !

Step 3

Towards the end of the programme, you will be going to places in London that will give you a fresh perspective on the research you are conducting. You will find people to survey and learn their opinions about the different questions you ask, and will have some time to take photos for the project. Of course, you will be doing some sightseeing for yourselves…

Before this, you will be doing loads of speaking in class to prepare you for conversing with real-life Londoners – this will really, really help to improve your pronunciation !

Step 4

When you come back from your trip to London, full of ideas and inspiration, you will put into practice the report writing and presentation skills you have been developing all week in preparation for a final presentation to your classmates. You will then submit your report for our website readers to read. Yes, that is correct – your work is going live on the internet! What a wonderful way to show the world what you have discovered. So, work hard, work together and most importantly, enjoy your week of work experience at KKCL!