I’ve always found that projects provide a great way give lessons real take away value, give learners a feeling of ownership, and by doing so, build everyone’s confidence. Besides, projects consolidate learning, integrate skills, and provide practice with language in new contexts. They’re also fun to do. In this column, I’ll share some simple theme-based projects you can either just download, photocopy and use with your students as is, or else easily adapt to better fit your context by adjusting language aims and content for age-range and level.

All of the projects I’ll share can be done in either an old-school poster paper, colored markers, and glue sort of way, or else in a high-tech, app-enhanced, online way. The tools used are incidental. What matters most is the creativity, the collaboration, the shared experience, and of course, the language practice that happens and which usually turns out to be much more than just practice.

In this first installment of the column, the project I offer is all about setting goals — a good thing for learners and teachers of all ages to do at the beginning of a new school year. If you do this project with your students and would like to share it, consider sharing your experience in a comment here, or else posting about it on the Gallery Teachers Facebook Group. You also might be interested in joining the goal-oriented In Five Years Facebook Group or the Teachers Getting Unstuck Facebook Group where you might find some inspiring stories about projects which helped other teachers move forward, and where you just might be willing to share one of your own.

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