Breathing is not something most people have to think about, let alone learn about. However, for performers breathing is a technique that needs to be acquired in order to support the voice and expression of the material that is being performed.

An inquiry-based focus on topic of Breathing is used as a basis for one or more lessons, and can also be extended into a unit of inquiry. It also serves as a preparation for the worksheet which follows this one in which students are introduced students to breathing techniques that can also be used for dealing with nerves, or simply to focus and relax.

But first things first: What can we learn from an inquiry-based focusing on breathing?

In addition to being able to introduce ideas from science and biology into your lesson through your students’ research into breathing, dramatic writing exercises are included which provide opportunities for individual creativity followed by group-work activities that focus on performing arts and communication. As you are a creative teacher, you can then extend in many other ways, or you can give your students the opportunity to suggest where they would like to take this inquiry.

The activities can be modified to suit your learners’ age and level of English, and optional reflections can be written in workbooks, on computers, or communicated as discussions.

There’s something for different learner-styles, and this focus on breathing lends itself as well for making creative handouts that include vocabulary list to suit your learners’ level of English.  In the activity sheet that follows after this one, breathing techniques as used by actors and singers will be included, so the ideas on this current activity sheet can act as a warming up for that. But now, there’s no need to hold your breath. The activity sheets with ideas for an inquiry-based focus on breathing are just one click away!


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