For many, the idea of “home” reaches beyond a physical building to a home town or city. ——2018 Royal Christmas Message

Christmas is not an official holiday in China, so most offices, schools, and shops remain open. Nonetheless, many people still like to get in the holiday spirit during this time. This year, Gallery Teachers together with Metan School Beijing, hosted a Christmas party for our English language teachers. We prepared a wide range of foods such as traditional Chinese dumpling and Pizza for everyone to enjoy.

Traditionally in China, members of a family get together to make Jiaozi- a type of Chinese dumpling- during New Year’s Eve. A coin is hidden in one of the Jiaozi, and the person who finds the coin will likely have good fortune in the New Year. Jizozi has come to signify gold ingots for prosperity for the coming year in China, but they also largely serve to bring family members together. There are several key words associated with Jiaozi in my mind: festivals and celebration, family union, happiness, wealth, and delicacy.

Music always plays an important part when we are having a celebration!

Thank you to George, who brought us fantastic music. Everyone was enchanted by the beauty of flute

George plays flute

Metan and Gallery Teachers prepared gifts for our teachers.

Similar to the West, Christmas is celebrated by giving gifts to family and loved ones. Gallery Teachers Beijing prepared gift for our teachers. We also like to write letters to our teacher to thank them for their hard work.

We hope you can come and join us and participate in the Gallery Teachers Exchange Programme to China Soon!