Is opening a Youtube Channel still a viable option to attract new students, or is there too much competition?

I talked about this issue and many more in this interview with Margarita Druță (AKA Rita Engleza), maybe the most popular English Teacher in Romania, a YouTube celebrity and founder of the successful school Fantastic English.

Here, Rita shares with our community of EFL Teachers her secrets and some of the challenges she had to face during 2020, that affected the TEFL industry and changed it forever.

Being a Content Creator may be a lot of fun, but it’s a job on its own, and as Rita points out in this interview, success doesn’t come quickly.
It’s the result of passion, constant work and a continuous process of learning, trying and adapting.

Starting out a YouTube channel to make money is a receipt for disaster, instead of a joyful and rewarding experience.

Creating content and managing social media is time consuming, and we can’t expect to be paid immediately after we deliver, like a normal job.
We become entrepreneurs, we’ll see the results (if any) in one year from now, or even more, so we should focus on producing content we are passionate about.
Otherwise, we will burnout soon.

Another important factor Rita suggests is that our public activities should be the result of a very carefully planned strategy to help us reach our goals by growing organically.

In her case, for example, she had her school to manage. Her activities as a content creator helped to expand her business by increasing her popularity and the sense of trust she transmitted to her potential students.
This way, she didn’t have to rely on the revenue that might have come (or not, and definitely not in the short run) from YouTube.

When she decided to start her channel, she understood that the competition was high for teaching English, but not many used her first language (Romanian).
So instead of descending into the arena and fight with the big players, she decided to niche down and focus on her community.
While in her school, they use mostly English, but in her videos on YouTube she uses Romanian to connect with her audience.

During our interview, I have been also very impressed by the importance she gives to her team and husband.
It’s true that Rita is the public face of her company and the mind behind her videos, yet she works with over 50 people, and all of her activities are the result of a team effort where everyone plays an important role to benefit the others and help the company to grow.

The last thing I would like to mention before leaving you to enjoy this interview (that was supposed to be 10 minutes long, and it’s more than 40), is that Rita constantly learns new skills, and most of them are not in the top list of her favourite ones, like coding and studying automated systems to make the communications of her school more efficient.
Yet at the same time she demonstrates culture and interest for motivating literature, food for thoughts.

It reminds me of the famous quotation attributed to Winston Churchill when asked to cut the funds for Arts, and he replied: “Then what would we be fighting for?”.
A reminder that we always need to learn how to do new things and how to dream bigger ones.

I would like to thank Rita Engleza for the time she dedicated me, to share her thoughts with our community of teachers and TEFL professionals.

If you want to find out more about Rita from Fantastic English, to improve your English, to sparkle your classes or to work with her (you don’t need to speak Romanian), please use one of the following:

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