Ever wondered how to get into teaching at university when you live abroad?

I did, so I interviewed Charles Goodger, an English Professor in one of the most prestigious and old universities in Europe: the University of Bologna, in Italy.

Besides being a University Professor, Charles Goodger is also a very respected Composer who works with top artists (like the Worldwide famous Italian singer Al Bano), and is the founder of the company funsongs.co.uk.

Last, but not least, I pride myself to consider him a colleague, as he contributes to our blog with very interesting articles about his work experience and views on teaching.
You can read his articles here, and if you want to become one of our contributors as well, please write at us at editorial@galleryteachers.com, explaining your idea.

In this conversation, Charles talked about his experience as a teacher in a foreign country, giving his precious point of view on how politics can play a major role in our lives as teachers, and how the perception of English changed in just a few years in Italy, thanks to activities that have been put in place in the late nineties.

He also gave a few interesting tips on how to find work in Italian Universities: not an easy job, obviously, but achievable, if we are determined in getting it.

If you are a school or organization recruiting for Italy, please contact us at editorial@galleryteachers.com to get a discount code on our job posting services.

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