I asked Top Trainer what we can do with a teaching qualification, and surprisingly, teaching is not the only thing!

To find a Teaching job you need a qualification, and after you get one, you still need experience. So how can you find your first teaching job?

I asked this question, and many more, to Top Trainer Thom Jones, a personality in the TEFL industry, who shared his experience and advice with newly qualified teachers.

Thom Jones is one of the Authors of our Certified Workshops Designed for English Language Teachers and TEFL Learners.

These Workshops are available for free for our PRO Members and we do our best to keep the price affordable for the ones who prefer to purchase them individually.

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If you are struggling with building up your professional experience, we run many internship programs (in our offices and in remote), and we have also a number of junior positions available.

We currently have a scholarship if you want to teach to refugees escaping war, managed by RefuAid, that will help you to cut your tuition fees and build your CV.
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If you are in a situation where purchasing the single workshop represents a financial problem, please write to us at info@galleryteachers.com and we will give you a daily pass, no questions asked.