English Teachers are people of many talents. When you start your own business, it’s difficult to choose your way out of many. I interviewed Business Coach Lucy Bolin to help us understand our personality and decide what are the first steps in order to have a successful career in teaching.

Lucy Bolin is a Business coach specialized in Education and she works mostly with expats who decided to leave their country to work abroad.

In this interview, I discussed with her how to start a business in teaching English, what are the main mistakes and where we should focus our attention.

Knowing that there is not one strategy that works every time and we have to adapt, it is very important to focus on our branding from the very beginning.

Many of the things we talked about seem very difficult because they look far away, but with the right preparation it is easier to achieve them.

If you don’t know where to start, read Lucy Bolin’s free e-book Thrive, full of personal stories of expats and nomads who share their advice!