Podcast author Gabriel Clark shares his knowledge of interviewing our students to keep them engaged during our online classes.

Aside from being a very experienced English Teacher, a Writer and one of our top trainers, Gabriel Clark runs also a very successful podcast you might already know: The Clark and Miller English Podcast, where he discusses with fellow teachers about English teaching, and he engages with students interested in taking their English to the next level.

Teaching online brings challenges we didn’t have with face-to-face classes, like the impossibility of reading the body language of our students, walking among them, or using a human touch. Teaching online, getting distracted and lose motivation is very easy for our students, and it increases the stress levels for us teachers, who can’t do anything to avoid it.

Gabriel Clark is the host of a popular podcast, and to keep engaged his students online, he uses some of the professional techniques he uses with his guests on his show, and the results are very good.

In this interview, he shares some of the professional techniques he uses to interview his guests and keep the conversation interesting and engaging for the audience.

The same tricks can help us greatly when we teach very introverted or easily distracted students to bring their attention back to us and motivate them to communicate in the best way possible.

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