Have you ever considered opening your own school? Difficult, yes, but not impossible, and it could actually be an interesting option if you struggle to find a job as a teacher. In this second part of my interview with Miranda Crowhurst, we explore her experience as a school founder in Bolivia, giving you also some interesting tips for your career in teaching!

Here you can watch the first interview with Miranda Crowhurst.

Getting a job in teaching can be hard. This is not just because of your experience and skills as a teacher, or the competition around you, or the job opportunities available, but also because you might feel you don’t belong to the company policy of the school and you find it hard to follow their methods (or even more, you don’t agree with them).

This is why opening your own schools, that reflects your ideas, personality and skills, could actually be an interesting solution. This is not like teaching: founding a school is a different job, and expensive, with a high level of risk, but it can be also very rewarding, and surprisingly, not as hard and money draining as you might think.

Miranda had a dream, and that was opening a school in Bolivia. She did that, and in this interview, she opens up about some of the difficulties she encountered and also the ideas that motivated her to make the investment.

She openly talks about her mistakes and things she would do differently now, and how this experience gave her a better understanding of this industry, including the recruiting process (and she shares with us her ideas about how we can be more effective in our job hunt).

I would like to thank Miranda Crowhurst for her precious activities and for spending some time together. She has also prepared some amazing materials for our community, that have been designed for the Teacherpreneurs (Teachers who want to become entrepreneurs and launch their own business). I encourage all of our readers to download them, not just because they are very valuable, but also because they are free!

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