It is becoming the norm for online grammar checkers to be more like Grammarly and Therefore, finding someone who doesn’t use at least one of these two tools is challenging.

Both tools have unique features that help them stand out from others. But which one is better? Let’s find the answer to this question in this ( Vs. Grammarly: which grammar checker is better) comparison. Vs. Grammarly: which grammar checker is better?

First, let’s start this comparison by explaining each tool and how both tools work.

What is and how does it work? is a one-click grammar corrector that identifies and corrects basic and high-level grammatical and punctuation mistakes with one click. This tool uses its advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms to make grammatical and punctuation corrections in the entered text.
Unlike most grammar check online free tools, first detects text context before identifying and correcting its mistakes. So, this tool is the best grammar checker online free software for checking the errors of content written in the English language because the meanings of words vary according to the nature of context in the English language.

What is Grammarly and how does it work?

Grammarly is a real-time grammatical mistakes corrector that uses the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to identify and correct the punctuation and grammatical errors in the entered text. As a real-time grammar assistant, Grammarly uses different color schemes to underline punctuation and grammatical mistakes while the writer is typing the document.

This tool also makes context-based grammatical error corrections. So, it is another ideal grammar checker for the content written in the English language. However, unlike, Grammarly is a freemium tool.

Features comparison table

Grammarcheck.aiGrammarly offers one-click grammar assistance to its users. So, it accelerates the process of proofreading a documentGrammarly offers real-time grammar assistance to its users. So, to correct the grammatical and punctuation errors, it relies on its users more is an entirely free tool. So, there is no concept of premium users in this tool, as it provides basic and high-level grammatical assistance for freeGrammarly is a freemium tool. So, it offers basic level grammatical assistance to the free-registered users and high-level grammatical assistance to the premium users in exchange for money contains a simple and easy-to-understand interfaceGrammarly also provides a simple and easy-to-understand UI to its users provides different ways of adding text to this tool. For example, users can:
– Upload the document file from local and cloud storage
– Type the text
– Paste the copied text
Grammarly allows its users to enter text through:
– Uploading the document file from local storage
– Typing an entirely new document
– Pasting the copied text
The text editing module of is quite simpleThe text editor of Grammarly also acts as a comprehensive word processor because it has got all the essential features has a separate application for both iOS And Android usersUsers can use the features of Grammarly on their Android and iOS devices by downloading the Grammarly keyboard also has an application for Windows and Linux usersGrammarly also has a desktop client for Windows users
The blog section of’s official website teaches the users about the basic rules of grammarThe blog section of Grammarly’s official website contains comprehensive learning material for those who want to learn the basics of grammar
The services of do not depend on word countThere is no word count limit in Grammarly

Pros and cons of using and Grammarly

It is essential to discuss the pros and cons of each tool to identify the best grammar checker app out of and Grammarly. 

This way, readers can quickly judge which tool suits their needs better. So, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each tool individually, starting with Grammarly.


Benefits of using GrammarlyDownsides of using Grammarly
Grammarly provides grammatical and punctuation suggestions in real-time. So, this grammar assistant gives more control to its usersDue to its real-time suggestions, Grammarly is more dependent on users.
Grammarly also comes with a built-in plagiarism checker that allows its premium users to check the authenticity of uploaded textThe real-time suggestions make the proofreading process much slower
The text entering module of Grammarly is an excellent alternative to a basic word processor because it has got all the essential featuresGrammarly is not entirely free, offering high-level assistance in exchange for money. So, this tool is not an ideal fit for students and beginner bloggers or content writers
As mentioned earlier, it uses different color schemes to underline the punctuation and grammatical issues. So, differentiation between those issues in a lengthy document will be easierThere is no option to upload the documents from Google Drive or other cloud storage
The interface of Grammarly is much better than Grammarcheck.aiGrammarly doesn’t provide support for Linux systems, as its service is only available for iOS, Android and Windows users
Grammarly allows its users to change the dialect of the English language. This behavior is rare in most professional grammar checkers
Users can download the grammatically correct file from Grammarly or take print directly from the tool

Advantages of using Grammarcheck.aiDrawbacks of using
Document proofreading is an essential and challenging task. But the one-click grammatical and punctuation mistakes corrector of this tool makes the entire process much more efficientLike Grammarly, users cannot check the plagiarism of their documents with
Despite being a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector, the grammar checking engine of is effectiveThe document typing module is basic, as it has no essential text processing features
Users can directly upload their documents from Dropbox or Google Drive to So, this tool eliminates the need for downloading the documents from cloud storage to proofread them is entirely free. So, considering its accurate grammatical mistakes correction and free-of-cost availability, this tool is an ideal fit for students and every writer who doesn’t want to use paid grammar assistants
Another major upper hand of over Grammarly is its support for Linux systems
The grammar checking engine of is not dependent on the speed of the internet connection because it doesn’t provide real-time suggestions
Once the tool has corrected the errors in the document, users can copy the final text or download it as a document file

Which Tool is the Best? – the Conclusion

In my opinion, has the upper hand over Grammarly. No doubt, Grammarly has a rich user interface and text processor and it also comes with a plagiarism detector, but the grammar checking engine of is more reliable than Grammarly, because it doesn’t correct the documents in real-time.

Plus, provides support for Linux systems. This feature is missing in all the grammar checkers. As most tech-savvy writers like to use Linux over Windows or macOS because of its customizability and lightweight experience, is also preferable in this situation.

Thus, the developers of have built an entire grammar checking experience by providing support for every available operating system.