10 Nov 2022 | 16:00 UK Time


For many teachers, and their learners, coursebooks seem to provide a rich resource for teaching and learning English. They are written by materials developers who are specialists in English language teaching and they generally include language development and skills work.

For many of us, therefore, our understanding of the grammar of English tends to be closely linked to how it is presented in coursebooks, in terms of what we teach, when we teach it and even how we teach it. But what if the coursebook approach to grammar teaching and learning is flawed, either in its scope or in its description of language use?

This masterclass follows the journey of its presenter, from newly qualified teacher to experienced teacher trainer, and how his view of grammar has come to diverge from the nearly packaged chunks of grammar served up unit by unit.  Find out how a shift from rules to reasons and an awareness that grammar isn’t just about verbs can help us to become more effective classroom practitioners.

Presented by Neil Harris – Teacher Trainer & Director of Marketing@CELT Language School.

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