12 Oct 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


Pronunciation is such an important part of language and communication as it gives context and meaning to what we are saying. Accents bring flavour to that and regional accents all the more.

The way we pronounce words reflects on the outcome, and so while it is important to get that right, we also have to establish that there are many correct ways to pronounce words. As long as the meaning is not changed, our regional accents will only enhance the communication, wherever we are from. 

We will discuss metacognition, how it can be woven into your lesson design, and focus on regulation strategies that are helpful in creating more successful study routines as well as self-study.

Our Masterclass will start off with the Scottish accent and we will have a look at various accents and the effect of pronunciation. We will look at why some accents are considered more desirable than others and ultimately we will look at ways in which we can positively own our own accents, after all, it makes us who we are!

Presented by Suzanne BrownTeacher Trainer & Managing Director @Brownlee Language International Summer School (BLISS).

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