23 Sep 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


Speaking lessons and lesson stages often fail to provide purposeful input for the development of the speaking skill. Instead, the focus is too often on the activation of a target language point such as a lexical set or an item of grammar.

This workshop argues for the need to repurpose speaking stages which focus on speaking sub-skills as the way to improve our learners’ speaking proficiency. It begins by showing why language activation stages, which are critical for the learners’ acquisition of the target language, nevertheless should not be seen as a speaking segment (or for that matter as a writing segment).

It then shows how a basic understanding of the design of common speaking tests such as the Cambridge suite of General English exams can help us to understand what a speaking skills lesson and course may look like.

Finally, it proposes the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as an invaluable tool for identifying level appropriate input for purposeful speaking skills development.

Presented by Neil HarrisTeacher Trainer & Director of Marketing @CELT Language School.

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