28 Oct 2021 | 15:00 (UK Time)


Being tongue-tied or simply not knowing the answer to a direct question is always an uncomfortable situation to be in. Factor in needing to speak in a second language and that scene becomes terrifying!

In this workshop, we will explore three scenarios where pre-taught natural, functional lexis could be used strategically to give students a framework to manage difficult questions when speaking in English. We will carefully consider the pitfalls of memorisation and suggest how the risks can be minimised. There will be concrete takeaway language examples served up that can be used immediately in your EFL classroom.

We will identify why these techniques are important in the context of IELTS and other mainstream English language exams, such as the PET and FCE. However, the relevance of this linguistic toolbelt is also expanded upon as relates to its importance for any General English learner or indeed, for any student of life! Lastly, there will be the genesis of a discussion on classroom activities that can be used to teach strategic speaking.

Just for fun, I’ll also be telling a couple of EFL anecdotes along the way! 

Presented by Nicky PartridgeTeacher Trainer & Centre Manager@Peartree Languages.

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