24 Feb 2022 | 16:00 (UK Time)


Prediction is a simple skill that is often undervalued. Yet adding a prediction stage to a reading or listening lesson can have a huge impact on student success when it comes to reading or listening activities. So why does it get overlooked?

In fact, if adding a prediction stage to our receptive skills lesson makes a difference, how much more of a difference would actually teaching the subskill of prediction make to our students? Is the impact only on their receptive skills lessons – or does it have real-life application?

In this session, Steve Tulk will talk us through the power of prediction, and explain how and why prediction increases student success and confidence. With ideas for adding a prediction stage and for teaching the subskill itself, we predict that this will be a fascinating session.

Presented by Steve Derras Tulk – Teacher Trainer, ELT Consultant @English Path.

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