18 Nov 2021 | 16:00 (UK Time)


If you ask an intermediate learner what she or he needs to be more proficient in English, very often the answer is more words, or a wider “vocabulary”. If we look at what distinguishes a learner with a strong C1 or higher level of English from his/her B1+/B2 counterpart, it is often the ability to use language naturally as a result of the skillful control of collocation.

Likewise, teachers often report less confidence when teaching vocabulary than grammar. Vocabulary is clearly central in the language classroom, but how successful are we as teachers in guiding our learners to becoming good vocabulary learners?

This workshop begins by looking at the centrality of vocabulary learning and suggesting that we need to make vocabulary centre stage in our classrooms. It then introduces Paul Nation’s principle of the four strands as a way to encourage vocabulary development through deliberate and incidental learning inside and outside the classroom before looking at four simple tips and tricks to make vocabulary learning more effective for our students.

Presented by Neil HarrisTeacher Trainer & Director of Marketing @CELT Language School.

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