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      1. What elicitation techniques do you currently use?
      2. Which approach do you think is more effective when teaching vocabulary – providing lengthy explanations
      or eliciting, and why?
      3. Do you think there could be a downside to eliciting too much? Why?
      4. Do you think elicitation techniques can be used to teach grammar, and why?

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      1. I usually use elicitation as a lead-in to see what students already know about a certain topic or when asking concept check questions.
      2. I think eliciting is more effective because it engages the students more in their learning and helps them retain the information you are teaching them.
      3. A downside to eliciting could be that sometimes it is time-consuming or that you are not asking elicitation questions that your students are capable of answering which can be frustrating for a teacher.
      4. Yes, I think elicitation can be used to teach grammar, especially with the lead-in when the teacher provides a visual or a context and uses the correct and appropriate prompts to allow the students to discover the grammar for themselves instead of the teacher directly instructing them.

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