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      Jessica Fan

      Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:
      1. How often do you work with emerging languages in the classroom? How confident do you feel doing this?
      2. How do you currently share the emerging language with your students? Is this the best way of doing it?

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      Dear Sir/Ma’am,

      Recently I heard about ‘Gallery Teacher’ on social media. My name Bijit Hazarika and I come from non- native English speaking engagement where everyone talk in their mother tounge. I want to after attending the workshop of Gallery Teacher – How I will get benefit from this? Will it open the door for me to work with Gallery Teacher as a paid teacher in online? Now, I have been practicing my education with some student as a tutor.

      Hope to get reply from Gallery Teacher soon. Please confirm me the Indian Standard Time for 30 June Online Workshop.

      Bijit Hazarika, From India
      Thanks and Regards

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      I often speak English in the classroom, 50% of my class work is done in only English language.
      Recently I used my own techniques including grammar and basic rules of English, I think this is the best way but I think I’ll improve this method after receiving a workshop from you .
      Thank you!

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      Hi everyone. Iam Jihan from Egypt.
      I come from non- native English speaking engagement where everyone talk in their mother tounge. so I don’t speak English with my students. I speak arabic with them To let them understand me. we read English texts, vocabularies, short stories and articles. Then I explain the meaning in arabic. It’s not the best way but this what I can do.

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      I heard about “Gallery teachers”.I knew it from social media.I am new here.lhope I I can reach to my goals,

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      It is important to understand about emerging language that may help us, teacher, expand our horizon as a part of teaching preparation. So, the students are more enjoyable and active participating in the class

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      noor ahmed.rind

      I’ve seen an ad about Teacher Gallery, I hope I’ll get fruitful knowledge and certificate.

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      1.- I deal with emerging language all the time. Very often students want to express something and they use structures from their own language to make themselves understood, vocabulary, false friends even spelling.Most of the time, in speaking lessons as well as in written activities, emerging language has to be addressed straight away so that the students can interiorise the correct collocation,spelling, pronunciation… I feel easy about it and quite confident.
      2.- I share emerging language within the context of the lesson to reinforce correctness. When it comes to written work, I write notes with the correct structure and and example for student to consider.

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      fruitful knowledge and certificate

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      It was very interesting and useful masterclass. Happy for having opportunity to attend.

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      i missed the live session, can i have video link of the same.

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      It was an impressive presentation. Thoroughly enjoyed it

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