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      Reflective Questions:
      1. Can neuroscience and psychology knowledge really have a positive impact on learning outcomes?
      2. How can teachers make sure their students are truly engaged?
      3. Is it possible to estimate how many times students need to revisit the same content before it’s consolidated?
      4. How can we avoid the propagation of pseudoscientific ideas about learning?

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      1.I Believe it is possible since neuroscience is about understanding the mental process involved in learning and psychology contributes to the understanding of behaviour and emotions allowing to assess, evaluate and provide solutions to unwanted emotional situations as well helping to identify students with learning difficulties and to provide interventions that can help students with their academic performance.
      2.Making lessons meaningful, make students responsible for their own learning providing autonomy and encouraging participation, support collaborative learning,caring about the students’ needs
      3.I believe this is closely related to the students capacity of learning and it can’t be estimated within the group as a whole as it will vary fromtudent to student.
      4.Looking for the evidence that supports the claim of ideas about learning

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