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      Aris Qin

      Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:
      1. Should teachers teach the grammatical rules in the book or the real rules of everyday language when it comes to tenses?
      2. Is the lexical approach teachable or even practical?
      3. Do you believe there is an order of acquisition when learning a foreign language?

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      Amazing session today! One of the greatest sessions I’ve watched! It raises so much awareness of how teachers should continue to evolve and inform their students about the English they may encounter in different cultures and contexts. Neil and Cristina are very passionate about the English language. Their masterclasses are a great indicator of that; I am always excited to watch them.

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      this session has changed my mindset .i really find it so reflective to what happens in my classes

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      1. I guess it should be a well-balanced mixture of both ;-)!
      2. I bet it’s both even here.
      3. I think so, definitely, step by step everything can be achieved. Maybe if you need the language for some specific purposes and you lack time, you can give more importance to some features … !

Viewing 3 reply threads
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