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      Janice C.

      Reflective questions:
      1. What advice would you give your students to help them move into the correct mindset on the day of the speaking exam?
      2. What strategies could a candidate employ on the spot if they find they have no knowledge or interest in the topic selected by the examiner?
      3. Does a strong accent really matter?

      Please post any reflections or questions you may already have about the topic to the workshop forum below. Nicky will address these in the live session.

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      Bartolo Ansaldi

      1). How can we become IELTS examiners?
      2). Do we need a special qualification to become IELTS examiners?
      3). Can we be IELTS examiners if we are not native speakers?
      4). If we have an especially shy student, or he is overly stressed and goes into confusion, are we right in trying to help him, or should we just evaluate his performance?
      5). How do we teach to make mind maps

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      Bartolo Ansaldi

      1). I had a student who just lost her father and during her exam, they asked her to talk about her family. And that was very difficult for her. How do we switch topics if we stumble on something that is too sensitive?
      2). Why is IELTS an important exam to take, and what are the main differences with General English?
      3). Do you think IELTS is more valuable if it has been taken in English speaking countries or prestigious universities?
      4). How do we deal with the failure of our students, if they don’t pass the exam?

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      Here are my reflective questions:

      1. What could I say to my students who ask me about things they have to avoid during the speaking test?
      2. From your experience, what are the main reason people fail their speaking test?

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      Reflective Questions for Session 2 – IELTS Writing test (Task 1): Overview and interpretation of public band descriptors, with real-world examples:
      1. Under which of the criteria would the inclusion of irrelevant details be penalised according to the the Band Descriptors?
      2. Why is it important to stick to the specified word count?
      3. Is good handwriting important?

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      Janice C.
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      Reflective Questions for Session 3 – IELTS Writing test (Task 2): Overview and interpretation of public band descriptors, with real-world examples:
      1. How many paragraphs should an IELTS Part 2 essay contain?
      2. How long should a candidate spend planning and reviewing compared to actual writing during the exam?
      3. Does it matter if a candidate has a controversial personal opinion?

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