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      Have a quick think about the reflective questions below in order to get the most out of the workshop:
      1. What do you consider when writing your lesson objectives? Why?
      2. Do you display objectives on your board? How do you use them in the lesson and are they the same as those on your lesson plan?

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      Mary Antonovich

      When planning I always stick to backward design so that all the objectives could reflect desirable outcomes of the lesson. I frame them up in a comprehensible and accurate way, giving not only qualitative information, but quantitative as well. Depending on stage of education and level of proficiency of my students I either present LO as a set of ready-made “I will be able” statements or we devise them together at goal-setting stage of the lesson. I also try to make sure that correlation between the objectives, self-evaluation, peer-assessment, scoring and choice of varying homework assignment is vivid. They are the same for me in my plan and for my students. I expose them simultaneously in different forms: on board, and on goal-setting cards or lesson-route maps. It is crucial since a lot of students have poor eye-sight or hearing, or have other issues that can interfere with learning. We not only discuss them at the beginning of the lesson but reflect upon each stage of the class, and at the end of it.

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      Michael Toczek

      This was a really helpful summary of what goes into a good lesson objective. It is also a good reminder that sharing the lesson objectives with the students can be useful in helping them achieve their language learning goals by increasing their motivation.

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