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      Reflective Questions
      1. I am new to the concept of mediation: what do I need to know?
      2. Mediation is still a bit unclear to me as an ELT concept: is it really relevant to my learners?
      3. To what extent do I now want and need to adjust my teaching to take account of mediation?

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      1.I need to know how to solve problems and prevent problems
      2. I am sure it is as it provides formal structures and facilitates interaction
      3.I want it in order to provide clear communication, to be able to use the right answer and give my students enough time to speak, to make sure that I stay impartial and I am able to provide reasoning as well as setting up a respectful work culture in the classroom

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      Janice C.

      Here is a link to the CEFR Companion Volume as Neil mentioned during the live Q&A session

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